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Your vote is your voice

By making this pledge, you promise to vote on election day and to become an active participant in your community. Your Vote is Your Voice.

November’s election is critical for our civil liberties, and may determine the future of our democracy. You’re more likely to stick to a pledge if you make an active and public commitment to it. By signing this pledge, you are making a commitment to yourself, your friends, and your family, to be a voter. 

Voting is a fundamental right on its own – but your vote also makes a difference in upholding other core principles you believe in. This November, vote like your life depends on it.

By signing up below, you are making the pledge to vote in all elections. On the local, State and National levels -VOTE. You will be reminded of important voting deadlines and voter resources. After you make the pledge, consider sharing these voting resources, making a donation, and signing up to volunteer.

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Read more about The People’s Platform here.


Create a Voting Plan

Creating a voting plan is a way for you to ensure your voting turnout by visualizing yourself voting at the polls. Create a voting plan with you friends and family by asking yourself the questions below:

What time will you be voting? 
What is the location of your polling place? 
Do you have a mail-in ballot or are you going to the polls? 
How are you getting there? 
Do you need a ride? 
Who else can you bring with you? 
Do you need to take off work or secure childcare? 
Do you have all the necessary documents to vote?

Click the link below to Print or download the Voting Pledge as  a PDF


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Your vote is your voice


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