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Education - Reopening Schools

Your Voice:

What are the challenges facing Florida's educational system as Florida re-opens?

Our Reply:

Remote learning is separate and not equal in the 21st Century. The COVID-19 pandemic revealed the weakness within our educational system. Resources and access to the three t’s – “Teachers, Technology, and Textbooks” hindered some of our current generation of school-aged Floridians. In Lake County, during distance learning our students received instructional learning by three methods: 

1) Those with access to technology used computers, printers, and the internet

2) Those without technology used the paper and pencil method

3) Those without access to either (i.e., Homeless, English as a Second Language, Students with Disabilities) used the family/community developed instructional methods.

Our campaign supports the recommendation of Florida Education Association for re-opening:

  1. Each student, who remains at home to have a computer device and one printer per household. My neighbor had to acquire a second computer (due to the one per household rule) for her children who were unable to share due to their learning styles and the same instructional timeline.

  2. Supplies such as hand sanitizer, masks (PPE), soap, paper towels, etc.

  3. Transportation, as more buses or more trips, is needed due to social distancing.

  4. Staff training on classroom designs, healthy hygiene, and social distancing practices.

  5. The daily sanitizing of school facilities.

  6. Infrastructure redesign for ventilation – air conditioning & heating systems and installation of no-touch stations for individuals to wash their hands and face.

  7. Additional support personnel for the mental and physical health needs of the students and staff along with other social services needs.

  8. Mobile educational vehicles for use to instruct students with challenges; whose parents have decided for health reasons to educate them at home.

  9. All digital learning instructional materials and methods to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.

  10. Cloud storage space for recorded teaching sessions for viewing by students (Primary, Secondary & Higher-Ed) and their parents/guardians.

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