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Civic Empowerment - Criminal Justice

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What policies and/or legislation would you introduce to best address racial inequity in Florida’s criminal justice system?


Our Reply: 

According to the April 2019 publication of the US Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics Florida recorded 98 thousand people incarnated; 60% were people of color in 2017. The Sentencing Project study reflected Blacks over White prisoners by a margin of three to one. The data shows that minorities are disproportionately stopped, arrested, and sentenced. Our campaign supports accountable for transparency by requiring:

    1. Community policing to live up to the meaning of the word “community.”Every law enforcement agency in Florida, no exception to size, creates and maintains a fully funded and supported civilian oversight commission reflective of its community’s race, gender, industry, and occupations.

    2. Monthly posting on their relevant websites:

      • Law Enforcement agencies data related to their stops, arrests and Internal Affairs investigations;

      • the County Court Judicial system data related to sentencing; and

      • State attorney data on representation of defendants and the outcomes.

    3. Yearly audits for patterns of racial and gender inequalities.

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