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The People's Platform

Our campaign platform is known as “The People’s Platform” because Stephanie firmly believes that being a representative is about “Representing the People.” The People of District 32 are everyone who interacts through living, learning, working, praying, and playing within its communities. The People’s Platform focuses on topics received from having conversations with the people of District 32 such as: “Education; Quality of Living; Civic & Economic Empowerment; and the Environment."


What changes to Florida’s public education system, pre-K through grade 12, would our campaign support if any? (Read More)

Education - Reopening Schools

What are the challenges facing Florida's educational system as Florida re-opens? 

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Quality of Life

In Florida, nearly four million people rely on the Medicaid program for access to health care services. Most of them are low-income children. Florida is one of 14 states that has not yet expanded its Medicaid program under the Affordable Care Act. Do you support Medicaid expansion in Florida?

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Economic Empowerment

What additional actions, if any, should the Legislature take to recover Florida’s jobs, small businesses, and the state’s economy impacted by the COVID-19 virus? Please explain your position.

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The Environment

What steps should the State take, if any, to protect Florida’s ecosystems, water resources, and coastal communities?

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Civic Empowerment - Voter Protection

What Legislative actions would you propose to ensure ballot security, improve voter access, and promote voter participation in elections?

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Civic Empowerment - Criminal Justice

What policies and/or legislation would you introduce to best address racial inequity in Florida’s criminal justice system?

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Civic Empowerment - Fire Arms

Do you oppose or support state laws that ban assault-style weapons and high capacity magazines for civilian use?

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