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Sabatini loses case against Leon County mask ordinance

Friday, July 10, 2020 by Joe Byrnes (WMFE)

A circuit judge has ruled against a lawsuit filed by State Rep. Anthony Sabatini to overturn Leon County’s mask ordinance.

Sabatini argued today that more people died of hernias in the county last year than have died from COVID-19. By the way, that doesn’t quite check out — the Department of Health reports two hernia deaths compared to eight so far from the coronavirus.

“Well, the good news, Mr. Sabatini, at least as far as I last checked, hernias aren’t contagious,” said the judge.

Cooper spelled out the medical consensus on wearing masks. He upheld the ordinance as a fact-based measure to combat a, quote, “deadly disease” and said it did not violate constitutional rights.

“It seems to me,” he added, “a very good argument could be made (that) if the commission had not passed this ordinance they could be charged with being irresponsible.”

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FROM THE LEFT; The ERA is still needed

Sunday, February 9, 2020 from The Daily Commercial (Leesburg, Florida)

[The ERA is] the only law that protects women's rights in our Constitution.

Why do we still need the ERA? Adding the amendment to the Constitution would give equal rights between sexes the highest possible legal protection against discrimination in the workplace and protections against gender violence. Women who are not paid an equal salary suffer a reduced standard of living, reduced savings for retirement and reduced Social Security benefits. Laws can be changed with new administrations, it's difficult to undo a Constitutional Amendment. 

Why women should care? Because we still have Representatives like Anthony Sabatini who oppose the ERA, telling women they couldn't be paid more than a man. True equal pay for equal work, is the point.

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Sabatini had NO RESPONSE when asked about Access to Health Care and Protecting Workers

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