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We are Listening to the Citizens of Lake County Voices

"Moving Florida's Future Forward"


Voices #25 - What's Next after the George Floyd Rallies?

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Are you just watching and doing nothing?

Are you performing acts of resuscitation?




Voice #24 - George Floyd - "I Can't Breathe" 


Voices #8-18 Represent concerns from registered voters

Voices #19 - #23 are concerns asked by registered voter Julia Cox

Submitted to Candidate Stephanie Dukes, which she asked Representative Sabatini during a Town Hall meeting (sponsored by South Lake Chamber of Commerce)

on Thursday, May 21, 2020

Voice #23 - Are you comfortable with your constituents living in poverty?
With the current minimum wage at $8.56 an hour, it's been proven over and over that no one can survive on that low of a wage. Do you plan to do anything to raise that wage so that they can get out of poverty and get off of any government assistance they may be on to make ends meet?

Voice #22 - Many of your constituents that have applied for Unemployment Benefits because their place of employment has shut down and put them on furlough with no fault of their own and have yet to receive a single payment.
What are you doing to help fix the Unemployement system?  
Voice #21 - Do you really think people that apply are lazy and dumb like DeSantis says?

Voice #20 - Right to Work laws have hurt Unions in Florida and all over the US. What are you thoughts on Right to Work?   
Voice #19 - If you are against Unions, can you please explain your reasoning behind this?  If you support Unions, what will you do to help protect Unions and the Workers right in the workplace?  

Voice #18 - Why did the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity's unemployment call center and website malfunction when the "Stay at Home" order issued by Governor DeSantis was a planned government response to COVID-19? What is happening now to ensure to our dedicated workforce of Florida receive quality and timely responses regarding their unemployment claims?


Voice #17 - Why is it that Florida does not have the Medicaid expansion? And what would Representative Anthony Sabatini do to get this enacted in the State of Florida?


Voice #16 - What bills did Representative Sabatini sponsor or co-sponsor to benefit the environmental issues of Lake County, especially our lakes and concerning growth management?


Voice #15 - What bills did Representative Sabatini sponsor or co-sponsor to benefit the infrastructure of Lake County to adequately accommodate the county’s growth, especially in the Leesburg/Village areas?


Voice #14 - Representative, how did the last legislative session address the increasing health crisis concerns of teen vaping and nicotine addiction? And the opioid epidemic?


Voice #13 - When did Representative Sabatini submit a letter of support to Governor DeSantis regarding COVID-19 election relief funds from the Federal government? Did the letter of support include the suggestion of a subgrant to the Lake County Supervisor of Elections (SOE) office as well as the other 66 SOEs (funds which the SOEs have requested)? If he did not submit a letter of support to Governor DeSantis, what is Rep. Sabatini’s position/opinion on this issue?


Voice #12 - This past legislative session, Florida could have become the required 38th state for the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment to the U. S. Constitution. Was Representative Sabatini a co-sponsor on HCR 239: Equal Rights for Men and Women, which “ratifies the proposed amendment to U.S. Constitution relating to equal rights for men & women?  If not, what is Representative Sabatini’s position/opinion of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)?


Voice #11 - What accomplishments did our House Representative complete this past state legislative session to address “no guns in our schools” and “school safety”?


Voice #10 - What bills did Representative Sabatini support for better pay? And better health care for seniors and members of the disability communities?


Voice #9 - What are Representative Sabatini’s thoughts on increasing the unemployment benefits, the dollar amount, and streamlining the process?


Voice #8 - Why was the COVID-19 testing implemented in Lake County (April 21, 2020) almost a month later than our neighboring county, Orange County (March 23, 2020)? What was your role in advocating for COVID-19 testing? What is your position for continual testing, especially in the Clermont and Four Corners areas?


Voice#7 - We have not seen Lake County Official giving briefings on the local news channels how can we stay informed about our local communities?


Click here for Lake County COVID-19 Updates 



Click here for the full News Release


Voice # 6 - What are Lake County restrictions related to COVID-19?


Lake County finally issues social distancing order:

Here's what you need to know.


Voice #5 - What is happening in Florida related to the Cornavirus, COVID-19?


For This Important Information Please Visit the websites:



Voices # 4 - Why were a large number of women wearing purple on March 8, 2020?


Voices # 3 - Why is the Census Important?


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